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Picking Out Tribal Jewelry For The Full Figured Wo

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When a full figured woman goes out to work or for the evening jewelry is everything to the whole outfit. Just remember that smaller jewelry like necklaces and bracelets are not exactly right for everyone. Do not wear tight necklaces or bracelets that can tend to make a full figured person look even bigger. This is true if the woman has a larger neck or bigger wrists. The tighter the necklace the heavier a person looks. It is the opposite with full figured women who have smaller necks and wrists. If the full figured woman has a smaller neck or wrist it is okay to wear the smaller and tighter jewelry. If the plus sized woman is shorter it is a good idea to stick with smaller jewelry. The larger the jewelry, the shorter the person will look. Another thing to discuss is if the plus sized woman has larger fingers but they are longer it is okay to wear any size tribal ring as long as it coordinates with the other tribal jewelry being worn. If the plus sized woman has shorter fingers stick with smaller rings.

SECOND CLOSING: Whether it is work during the day or going to the clubs at night, there is always a right time to wear tribal jewelry.

Size of the Tribal Jewelry Matters

If the clothing that is being worn is gold or tan match the necklace and bracelet colors to it. Gold with gold and silver with silver. Try to be adventurous and coordinate colors but throw in a splash of a different color to make the outfit pop. With a printed top with many different colors stay away from larger jewelry. The pattern of the top will be loud enough that is why it is good not to draw more attention to it. Since tribal jewelry is multicolored with earthy colors, it will be easy to match to a outfit from going to work to a night out on the town.
Also watch for patterns on the jewelry as well. If the top or pants that are being worn has circles do not pick out jewelry that has all stripes. This would be too much of a contrast to the outfit. Here is another example; if the shirt and pants had busy circles do not try to match the earrings and bracelet with all circles. this would make it one bland outfit. try to find earrings with vertical or horizontal lines and circles. Try to match the bracelet as well. Not all outfits need both a necklace and a bracelet. With a solid colored shirt a necklace can be worn but a bracelet is not necessarily needed. Now with a busy top a necklace is not needed and a bracelet can be worn.

Tribal jewelry has been worn for centuries capturing the attention of women all around the world. Trying to pick that perfect piece of jewelry is not a fun thing to do if you are a plus size woman. Here are a few tips that will help with what kind of tribal jewelry to wear during the day or evening hours.

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Everyone wants to feel pretty and should. Take time to coordinate the jewelry to the clothing and it will be a masterpiece in the works.

Matching Tribal Jewelry to Clothing

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