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Lovely Clearance Jewelry to Please The Pickiest Bu

The average American woman spends several hundred dollars on jewelry each year. If she is married, she almost always receives an article of jewelry on major holidays. Not to mention birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and Valentine's Day. A well-rounded jewelry collection will include accessories for any occasion.

Why do American love jewelry so much? It depends on who you ask. According to the numbers, we spend a lot on jewelry because we have a lot of discretionary income. More often than not, discretionary income goes toward the purchase of luxury items. In other words, the more money we have, the more we buy things we don't necessarily need. That is not to say that jewelry is unimportant.

Jewelry clearance sales are rarely advertised with much enthusiasm. Since the store knows that people will come from far and wide for a chance at deep discounts, they seldom do much marketing. The sales are held to reduce inventory and most items that fail to sell will be offered to other retailers at discount prices.

With that said, just because a store is holding a clearance sale does not mean that they are desperate to sell or that they will sell anything. More expensive precious stones and metals are rarely sold at clearance sales. Shoppers should not expect to find diamonds at 50 to 70 percent off. That would be crazy. Precious stones retain their value well, and there will always be a market for them, even if a particular piece has failed to sell.

As we mentioned, these sales are rarely held at the end of each month or season. They are not regular storewide clearance sales. A shopper really has to do her homework to locate a good sale. Sometimes she will drive several hours if the savings are significant. On occasion, jewelry sales are advertised online, since it is much cheaper than printing up a circular or catalogue. Sellers that only offer their wares on the internet can be located with a simple web search.

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That is the bad news. The good news is that jewelry clearance sales have grown increasingly common, because the industry as a whole has grown. Online sellers have made things harder for traditional brick and mortar stores with lower prices and reduced shipping costs.

What to expect?

What is a jewelry clearance sale?

Jewelry clearance sales are an affordable way to expand any collection. Peruse some clearance jewelry online now and find some pieces worthy of your jewelry collection.

America is home to the largest jewelry market in the world. Because it is a fragmented industry, it is difficult to get accurate numbers about one particular segment of the marketplace. For instance, watches and jewelry are grouped together, since they are considered decorative pieces. Altogether, Americans spend about 50 billion dollars each year on jewelry, which is nearly one-third of the global market share.

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How to Find Them?

When purchasing clearance jewelry on the web, be sure it's from a reputable dealer whose name you recognize and trust. A seller should have a clearly-defined shipping and returns policy, even on jewelry that is offered at clearance prices.

Buyer Beware

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What women can locate at these sales is lots of everyday jewelry at huge discounts. Precious metals like silver and gold are often easy to find. Pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that can be worn to work or to semiformal affairs sell well at jewelry clearance sales.

Storewide clearance sales are a fairly common, sometimes monthly occurrence at most major department stores. When the seasons change or inventory has been on the floor for awhile, most stores will hold a clearance sale in order to free up space for new merchandise. Because jewelry often includes precious stones and metals that have value, it is quite rare that they will be offered at deep discounts during these sales.

Women often separate their jewelry collections into two groups: everyday accessories and those for special occasions. Everyday jewelry can be worn at work, to a causal dinner, or out on the town. More expensive jewelry is generally reserved for formal parties and special events. When it comes to everyday jewelry, clearance sales are the most attractive option for cost-conscious consumers.

When shoppers buy clearance jewelry from a regular brick and mortar retailer, all sales are usually final. That means that if an accessory is damaged, broken, even counterfeit, the buyer will not be able to return it. Therefore, a consumer should be wary before purchasing any article of jewelry. Even if the price is amazing, it is still possible to get the raw end of the deal. A shopper should ask a lot of questions and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also remember that jewelry that is made from gold and other precious metals always have stamps on them somewhere to certify that they are genuine. If a piece does not have a stamp, it may not be genuine.

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