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Determining The Value Of Preowned Watches

By Gareth Hoyle on March 03,cartier love bangle price list, 2011

Prestige and luxury watch models, such as Rolex or Cartier watches, are always in high demand and as well as brand new models from major names like these, there is also a booming market for preowned watches of a high calibre. Typically speaking, the cost of preowned watches is determined by how in demand they are and this not only means the general demand for second hand watches but also the demand for a particular brand or a particular model of watch.

Watches And Their Popularity

Watches are a popular form of jewellery as well as a convenient and functional item. They hold value for their great looks and their charm as well as for the name that is attached to them and the history of the watch brand in question. As such, there are many factors to consider before deciding whether a particular price is a reasonable one or not.

Watch Brands

Certain brands tend to be more expensive than others. For example, a top quality Rolex watch will almost always attract a very high price. This is because the name Rolex has become synonymous with good quality and with attractive watch designs that last for years. Other highly sought after brands include Cartier and Patek Phillippe although in reality there are many with varying degrees of appeal.

Watch Models

Some models of watch are also highly sought after. This may be because they were groundbreaking in their day. They may have been the first to feature a date dial as well as time, or they may have been the first to offer diving capabilities. Alternatively, the model may have become well known for its relationship with stars, TV shows,cartier love bangle bracelet white gold, or any other appealing factor.

The Quality Of Preowned Watches

The quality of the watch is also vital in determining its price. Mint condition preowned watches are more expensive than damaged or even slightly worn watches. As such, you should expect to pay a higher premium for those watches that are in better condition. This becomes especially true when the watch is old because there will be fewer top quality specimens of that particular watch model.

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