Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jewelry Makes it Perfect

The design and color of the dress is one major factor in your decision. Match the color of the settings and gemstone to your dress. You don't want the setting or stones that clash with the color of your dress. You should also note if your dress is showy or subtle. If you wear a showy dress that has something like shiny beadwork or sequins, you'll want to avoid large, bright and showy jewelry.

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The most lavish pearls are the perfect match for corporate or formal apparel. To complete that stylish executive look, supplement it with a classic pearl circle pin or a gold and pearl brooch. While, traditional round pearls are the ones most appropriate for evening gowns. However, you also have to take into account the ideal pearl color and size.

It is no doubt that jewelry can bring beauty and elegance to the wearer, yet it also can ruin the entire outfit. So it is important to pay attention on choosing the right jewelry that matched well with the apparel. It is necessary to know about the proper way to match our jewelry to our attire, is it going to be casual outfit, formal or party dresses. The wrong jewelry matched to your formal dress can damage the entire image, even if the dress is beautiful and noble.

Accessories for a formal dress can be tricky to get right. You don't want to wear something that looks gaudy, but you also want something that looks wonderful with your beautiful dress. The jewelry selection from metal setting to gemstone, color to shape is worth taking consideration.

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If you are wearing something like a black dress, you can wear anything from silver to yellow gold. For other colors, look between the various types of gold to see what looks best. If you think yellow gold clashes with your dress, try looking at rose or white gold instead. If pearl jewelry is what best to your clothing and skin color, you don't have to stress your self out, even if it may seem baffling.

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