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Fine Designer Jewelry

By Susan Hardy on March 13, 2010

For centuries now man has been making and wearing jewelry of all kinds that would normally be an indication of his status and wealth. Jewelery in olden times was embedded with extravagant precious stones onto valuable precious metal. It used to be the proud property of kings and queens. As time went by, these precious jewels that were crafted with hand slowly upgraded into machine made jewelry. Due to use of machines mass production of the jewelry were manufactured. Jewelry became more available and more affordable. Today it's a massively flourishing industry. It is worn by people from all race and religion and from all age groups.

Amongst the many who are attracted to jewelry, women are the ones most inclined towards all sorts of jewelries and accessories. A huge diversity in raw materials is used to get the most valuable stunning ornaments available in the market today. These raw materials in the form of precious metals include platinum,Cartier bangle shop cheap, white and yellow gold and sterling silver. Their elegance is subjected to yet another level of brilliance by the addition of precious stones like diamonds, pearls, and gems like sapphire, opal, zircon, emerald and ruby.

Just like the olden times used to have extremely talented but few in numbers jewelry craftsmen who used to take pains in designing jewelry in a specific manner according to the demand,Cartier solo ronde, these days we have skilled professionals such as these who are qualified and trained to design jewelry. The end products thus known as designer jewelry are highly valued because of their limited edition of designs and uniqueness from the ones available in the local market in bulk. Designer jewels are thus tagged with exorbitant prices that only the rich and the famous can afford. Although since owning jewelry is an investment in itself owing to its ever increasing value there is no harm to spend an initial huge amount of money in buying these invaluable possessions.

Designer jewelry are custom made and takes a long time and hard work to design and be approved and made an exact replica from the design to an original live piece of jewelry. Care is taken that these designs are not repetitive or anywhere in close resemblance to any other designer jewelry. Also the designer keeps in mind the latest trends and fashion needs of their potential clients. The materials used in designer jewelry pass through a lot of quality certification and are of top purity ranks with negligible flaws. Pure forms of gold, platinum and sterling silver are used and high precision is practiced with every little cut that is made on them. The precious stones and gems used in designer jewels are also of top notch quality and class.

One of the most trendy designer jewelry of latest times belong to names like Ajediam, Amor, Pierre Balmain, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Pierre Lang, Scott Kay, Astley Clarke, Fadwa, Sarah Sheridan, Saori C. and so on. We also do have designers who are known for designing, fabricating and manufacturing handmade jewelry. They have the crude look just like in ancient times thus providing it with an antique touch. These designers include some popular names like Anne Koplik, Wasabi, Adina, Catherine Weitzman, Page Sargisson and Sarah Sheridan, Baccarat, Jan McClellaan, Michelle Ladd and Jennifer Kellogg.

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