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Cartier Rotonde Astroregulateur Watch

By Melissa Smith on April 24, 2011

Striking, attractive, and useful - these are merely a few of the words which directly come to mind anytime you get to glimpse at the Cartier Rotonde Astroregulateur watch. It is powered by the self-winding Calibre 9800 MC mechanical movement which happens to be engineered at the design house of Cartier. This mechanism was the end result of exceptional engineering and imaginative development by Swiss watch making specialists over a period of 5 years.

This particular movement has required 60 hours of completing by hand. Several other remarkable feats include 10.1mm thick individually numbered movement and a diameter of 32.5mm. Additionally ,cartier love bracelet silver, it accommodates a circular-grained plate. Alternatively, the watch's bridges are decorated with the Cotes de Geneve pattern. The Calibre 9800 boasts oscillating weight as well so it has to contend with diverse accelerations if the rotor is spinning. Basically, it negates the push of gravity even at vertical positions which assures ultimate accuracy.

The Cartier Rotonde Astroregulateur watch is furnished with 43 jewels to enhance its sophisticated look and feel. The timepiece also boasts of 21,600 vibrations an hour in addition to a power reserve of 80 hours. According to the manufacturer, movements via the wearer employ various forces on the escapement. The mentioned pressures need to be continually corrected to maintain regular pace at the escapement.

Cartier unquestionably took a lot of factors into account in developing this timepiece. Aesthetically,cartier love bracelet replica silver, the face of the wrist watch is slate gray which enhances the desires of its target market. Hour markers are established in Roman numerals. This wrist watch offers two overlapped displays that make the face seem a little bit complicated. The upper portion displays time in hour and minutes employing sword-shaped hands. Meanwhile, the lower part tells the time in seconds. It is positioned at the rotor to maintain accuracy.

The Cartier Rotonde Astroregulateur timepiece offers a 50mm case created from niobium-titanium alloy. It is water resistant for up to 30 meters. Overall, this timepiece is a well-balanced masterpiece of Swiss watch making. It is for sale in 18k white gold or titanium. The crown also features cabochon made of sapphire. Take note that there is only 50 pieces of this watch available in the market. Watch connoisseurs and collectors who choose to buy this watch certainly won't regret making the purchase. This model, like all others in the Cartier series, is designed to last a lifetime. Its beauty can be passed from one generation to another. For some individuals, the Cartier Rotonde Astroregulateur timepiece also makes for the perfect gift.

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