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8 Kinds of Cancer Should Know The Food Overnight

By Serena Du on January 13, 2011

8 Kinds of Cancer should know the Food Overnight

We are now in the promotion of a healthy diet, too full to eat dinner, do not advocate. But such people for cooking, is the problem, do less is not worth doing, if you do more, they will be left. Such and such, a new problem has emerged, that is, overnight the leftovers the next day in the end can not eat?

1, can not drink Geye Cha

Geye Cha because it takes too long, most have lost vitamins and protein in tea, sugar, etc. will be bacteria, fungi breeding nutrients, so people often think that Geye Cha can not drink.

2 can not eat overnight Tremella

White fungus soup is an advanced nutritional supplements, but one night, will reduce nutrients and harmful ingredients. Because both the indoor cultivation of fungus and fungus cultivation basswood field contains more nitrate, has been cooked, such as relatively long time to put in the decomposition of bacteria, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite.

Drink this soup, nitrite naturally into the blood circulation, blood hemoglobin of red blood cells, there can carry large amounts of oxygen for the body needs.

However, nitrite is counterproductive, so the normal human hemoglobin in the oxidation of met hemoglobin, the loss of the ability to carry oxygen, resulting in a lack of normal human hematopoietic function!

3, do not drink water overnight?

The water boils 3 to 5 minutes, nitrite and chloride content of harmful substances such as the lowest, the most suitable people to drink.

Overnight drink less water: nitrite in the human body can form cancer-causing nitrosamines. Experts have found that the nitrite content in water than in raw water is high.

And repeated or prolonged boiling of water more than 24 hours, nitrite levels were significantly increased. Boiling water for 24 hours after the nitrite content was 1.3 times when just boiled.

Residents are fond of the habit of boiling water, it is best to drink now or drink the day of burning is the water. Do not drink the water boil too long.

4, can not eat eggs overnight?

Overnight egg, you can eat it?

Northerners: Yes,cartier love bracelet replica real gold, Do not you see through Street selling boiled eggs!

Southerners: No, especially men, because it will have intestinal gas, swollen scrotum!

Scientists: Not necessarily! Because if not fully cooked eggs, egg yolks overnight after the consumption of immature, in the case of improper preservation, nutrition, things can easily be contaminated, and therefore harmful to health, such as: cause gastrointestinal discomfort, flatulence and other circumstances. However, if the food (eggs) have been cooked, and the low temperature (usually cold temperatures) sealed properly, can generally be stored for 48 hours no problem.

Tips from scientists, we can know: can not eat eggs overnight, not just to see if heated, but the first time boiled eggs to cook the egg, and only boiled eggs cooked in the first after overnight and then cooked food is no problem.

Boiled eggs is the truth, and we may not know, boiled eggs are cooked both times, the first pass cooked, will be the second time Dan Pi crack, plus tea and other accessories, cook, so boiled eggs must be cooked, Now some people love to eat half half-cooked eggs (egg yolk is a semi liquid form) that eating eggs can not be overnight, even if the second cook, and do not want to eat.

5, do not eat leafy vegetables overnight

As part of the green leafy vegetables contain more nitrates, cooked too long if placed in the decomposition of bacteria, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite, a carcinogenic effect, the heating can not go In addition.

Usually the highest leaf nitrate content in vegetables, melons, vegetables and lower, middle class roots class and cauliflower. Therefore, if the purchase of different kinds of vegetables should be eat stems and leaves of the class, such as cabbage, spinach.

If you are ready to do more to eat hot food, then the next day, should be minimized to do leaf vegetables, melons and vegetables to choose.

6, overnight home goods do not eat bad lo

Lo mei and bad goods are Shanghai residents like to eat seasonal vegetables, many people still prefer to eat the rest of the bad stock the fridge and lo mei "overnight", can this approach has great potential food safety hazard.

Prevention of food poisoning, spring and summer goods do not eat bad lo overnight.

Lo is to finish the day in bulk, not overnight. From the perspective of food safety, which is unhealthy, if possible, overnight is best not to eat the bad goods.

7, seafood products can not be overnight

Left-over food should not eat fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables, cold dishes.

Fish and seafood after overnight protein degradation is easy to produce, will it damage the liver and kidney function.

Green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate, cooking over or put for too long, not only vegetables will be yellow and the taste, but also by bacteria of nitrate into toxic nitrite reduction, a carcinogenic effect.

Salad when the processing has been more pollution, even if refrigerated, overnight after may have been bad, should the current system is to eat.

8,cartier love ring white gold diamond, Tom overnight how to do?

Health eat:

The best preservation method is not soup seasonings like salt, cooked soup spoon with a clean spoon for the day to drink, drink endless, it is best to use earthen pot kept in the refrigerator.

Leftover soup served in a long time because the aluminum pan, stainless steel pot, easy chemical reaction, should be in full bloom in the glass or ceramic containers.

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