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How to Care For Gold Jewelry

Often we see people boil gold or silver. Actually, this method can only be done by people who have enough knowledge in the gold treatment because there are types of gems that are not strong with the hot temperatures that cause the color of gems become fade and even make diamonds can't sparkle anymore. Even if you have a collection of

Actually dull gems can also be rubbed with the way above, but take the longer time depending on the level of opacity and the type of gem. How with diamond? Do not try to sand the diamond because this gem is the toughest gem in the world, so the price is very expensive. Caring for diamond jewelry such as diamond rings or diamond earrings must be done very gently and carefully.

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Boiling the gems with acid is the wrong way. Acids are abrasive materials causing the glow of gems become dull. This happens mainly on soft gems like Amber. This way can also lead to the discoloration of the jewel; for the imitation gems then the color will be changed quickly.

Gold or silver that have already scratched should be taken to a gold service or use the sandpaper and start rubbing the gold until completely smooth. Then, use the auto sol to make the gold shine back. This process is called as polishing. This method can not be done for gilded items because the layer of gilding will be lost

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cheap jewelry, you should not use this way to care for your jewelry.

Dull gems

The right way to care for gold jewelry:

Gold jewelry should be stored and treated with the right way so that the gold will still be shining brightly. The wrong treatment will make the gold color become dull and damaged. Here are the right ways and the wrong ways of caring for gold jewelry.

To make your antique jewelry shine more brightly, polish the gold as often as possible by using a soft material such as soft shirt made of cotton that has often been washed. Save the gold in a cloth bag before being put into a closet or a leather bag. Another safe place is a box of paper, plastic and metal.

The wrong way to care for gold jewelry:

The ways mentioned above are a very general way. Do not use for white gold and diamonds, also for the gilded gold because the layer of gilding can be lost. It will be better asking how to clean your jewelry to the gold service to make it more secure.

Boiling using aluminum pans can cause a black dye or called oxide usually deliberately used instead becomes lost. But if you really want to remove this black color, then you can add a little salt, then the black dye on the silver will be lost.

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